May 9th, 2019: Voyage


On May 9th, 2019, we gathered over 400 university students, faculty, and community members for an evening of conversation and collaboration. We hosted over 21 sponsors to share great products and ideas with our community followed by 8 TED Talks showcasing student, faculty, and guest speakers. TEDxSantaClaraUniversity 2019 was our largest event yet, and we are excited showcase our commitment to local ideas worth spreading.

voyage landing page-01.jpg

Set sail.

Point A to Point B—that’s how many of us would define a voyage. What is the fastest way to get to our destination? The most cost-efficient? The least troublesome? We are all at different points of our journey. Perhaps a new path has just begun—or maybe we have already reached our final destination. Ideas can take us to new places by engaging our curiosity, altering our points of view, and leading us into action. 

Join us on our voyage to map your course, set sail, and reach the point of no return.



Photos by Sandra Jamaleddine